My Disabled World

Motivation and Education

Motivational talks and conferences based on truth and experience. Designed to educate and empower both patients and care assistants. Whether you are a Disabled Parent or a Parent to a Disabled child, these talks will help guide and empower you to live a happy and fulfilled life in everything you do.

Speaking directly from the heart

  • We aim at making a difference through our voices and to be heard
  • We strive to build long lasting friendships and emotional connections
  • Our talks are based on the truth and experience
  • There is no one-size-fits-all approach and firmly believe in the see it-believe it psychology

Living your best life

Our acclaimed motivational speakers; Edwina Makgamatha, Ivy Masilela and Lerato Nthoba bring immense knowledge and experience on all things disability and guide people with acceptance, positiveness, and spirituality.

The power of Positive thinking:
– Positive affirmations can help you eliminate self-doubt
– Feelings of confidence depend upon the type of thoughts that habitually occupy your mind

Failure & Self doubt:
– Coping with failure
– Failure can be viewed as a learning opportunity
– Learn from past mistakes and hopefully avoid them in the future
– Failure can go hand-in-hand with success

Things that can be learned from Disability:
– True happiness is definitely possible in a “broken” body
– Patience can get you through almost anything
– Accidents can and will happen
– Disability can happen to anyone
– Don’t sweat the little things
– Being different is an opportunity
– Fitting in is overrated
– You can’t judge a person by their look