Thusanang Enabling Support Services

Thusanang Enabling Support Services was founded and is managed by Edwina Makgamatha, who is dedicated to serving disabled persons. Passionate about solving and alleviating the difficulties experienced by disabled individuals, Thusanang provides services that assist newly disabled persons in adjusting and returning seamlessly to their daily lives.

Our organisation also offers caregiver training that equips caregivers with adequate primary knowledge on how to assist disabled individuals in their day to day lives, including health, hygiene, simple exercise, diet etc.

The Thusanang Way

Thusanang Enabling Support Services offers door-to-door deliveries of medical consumables to persons with disabilities; these consumables are classified as bladder management products, incontinence products, hygiene products, ostomy products, wound-care products, and bowel movement products.

Our main area of focus is rendering services to assist and provide our disabled clients with solutions to the challenges they face daily. This is achieved by having direct relationships with service providers and suppliers of these solutions through the experience and relationships forged by our founder. Working closely with Associate Case Managers enables Thusanang to determine and agree on each individuals’ specific requirements and then provide a 3 month supply of medical consumables. We have close relationships with numerous manufactures and suppliers of equipment, devices, medical and surgical consumables.

Our Vision

To facilitate the independence of disabled persons by offering a wide range of services and providing continuous assistance where needed.

Our Mission

To successfully facilitate and encourage independency and life fulfillment of people with disabilities in the African continent.

Our Team

Edwina Makgamatha

Edwina Makgamatha
Wendy Seletela

Wendy Seletela